• Yakshagana

  • Buffalo Race

  • Tannirbavi Beach

Mangalooru - A city called Kudla

Comforted by the shores of the Arabian sea, Mangalore is the crown of the coastal Karnataka region. The city is one of the important portal cities of Karnataka. With its distinct ‘Tuluva’ culture, Mangalore provides for a completely different flavor. Mangalore is believed to have derived its name from ‘Mangaladevi’, a local diety. The city has a rich history and has witnessed the rule of prominent kingdoms and governments over the years that include Kadambas, Vijayanagara, Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan, the Portugese, and the British.

Tulu is the signature language of the region. Besides, other distinct languages flourishing in the vicinity are Konkani, Kannada, and Beary, testifying the variety of culture and heritage. Mangalore is often referred to as ‘Kudla’ by the local populace. Those speaking Beary, like referring to the city as ‘maikaala’. The ‘kambala’ (buffalo race) is a hallmark sporting event of the area. In addition to that, cultural activities like the Yakshagana and Tulu folk events stand out as the region’s peculiarities. Immensely popular for its sea food and many other unique recipes like the Neer Dosa and Goli Baje, Mangalore is a land of delicious cuisines.


With historic landmarks such as the Sultan Battery, St Aloysius Chapel, ancient temples and so on reflecting the old glory on one hand, and the ever evolving malls and multiplexes on the other, Mangalore presents itself as a perfect blend of past and present. It is the only city with an international airport in the State besides Bangalore.

The city is known as a great tourist destination. Prominent places of tourists’ delight include the Tannirbavi Beach, Pilikula Zoo, Manasa Amusement Park, Summer Sand Resort, Sultan Battery, and so on. The region is also known for its educational excellence and is home for many prominent educational institutions such as St Aloysius University, St Agnes University, Kasturba Medical College, MAHE Manipal, and so on.